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Is Say hi the Right Place for Your Dating Adventure?

Are you ready to take your dating game up a notch? Say hi is the perfect app for those looking to find that special someone. With its unique features and easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to this popular dating platform! But what makes Say hi stand out from other apps? Is it worth investing in or should you stick with something else? Let’s dive into our review of Say hi and see if this could be the one for you!


Say hi isn’t the top dog in the dating app world, but it’s not a bad choice either. It’s like that old saying goes: “It ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Sure there are better options out there if you’re looking for something more sophisticated or feature-rich – and of course if you want to meet someone special – but Say hi is still an okay option. You might even find yourself pleasantly surprised by what this little app has to offer!

Say hi in 10 seconds

  • Say hi is a dating app that allows users to find potential matches based on their interests and preferences.
  • Say hi uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with compatible partners.
  • Say hi offers both free and premium subscription options, ranging from $9.99/month to $24.99/month.
  • Say hi does not have a website, but can be accessed through the App Store or Google Play.
  • Say hi’s pricing is comparable to other dating apps on the market.
  • Say hi takes user privacy and security seriously, with features such as profile verification and photo moderation.
  • Say hi also offers special features such as voice and video chat, as well as a live stream option.
  • Say hi provides users with detailed profiles, allowing them to get to know potential matches better.
  • Say hi also offers a unique icebreaker feature, which helps users start conversations with potential matches.
  • Say hi has a built-in messaging system, allowing users to communicate with each other without leaving the app.

Pros & Cons

  • Say hi is free to use and easy to set up.
  • It has a great user interface that makes it simple for users to find potential matches.
  • You can send fun stickers, photos, and videos in messages on the app.
  • Say hi is not as popular as other dating apps, so you may have difficulty finding potential matches.
  • The app has limited features and options for users to customize their profile or search criteria.
  • It can be difficult to find a compatible match due to the lack of filtering tools available on the platform.

How we reviewed Say hi

As an online dating expert, I and my team conducted a thorough review of Say hi. We tested both the free and paid versions to get an accurate picture of how this app works. To make sure we had enough data points for our review, we sent out messages to other users – over 500 in total! This took us several days as we wanted to be sure that all aspects were thoroughly explored before giving our opinion on the app’s performance.

We also looked into customer reviews from different sources such as App Store ratings and user feedback forums so that readers can have access to multiple perspectives when they read through our report. Additionally, each member of my team was assigned specific tasks related with exploring features like profile creation process or messaging system within Say hi which helped us gain deeper insights about its functionality than most other reviewers offer their readership base.
Finally, what sets apart this particular review is not only its depth but also commitment behind it – something which many sites lack while writing reviews these days!

Security & Safety

Say hi is a decent dating app, but it’s not the safest one out there. It doesn’t have any verification for users and that can be a bit of an issue when it comes to safety and security. There are no two-step verifications available either, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you if using this app!

The good news is that Say hi does fight against bots and fake accounts by manually reviewing photos before they’re posted on the site – which helps reduce potential risks from malicious actors. However, I would still recommend being extra cautious with who you interact with online since there isn’t any kind of user verification system in place here yet.

I also took some time to read through their privacy policy (which was surprisingly easy enough!) – turns out they don’t share or sell personal information without permission…phew! That said though, do bear in mind that all data collected may be used for marketing purposes such as targeted ads etc., so just watch what info you put up on your profile page too!

All things considered then; while Say Hi might not offer the most robust security measures around compared to other apps like Tinder or Bumble – at least it has taken steps towards protecting its users from fraudsters & scammers by manual photo reviews plus having a clear cut privacy policy…so yeah overall I’d say give them props for trying?

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Say hi, the dating app, it can be a bit of a hit or miss. I recently tried out the service and contacted their customer support team a couple of times to see how they responded. Unfortunately, it took them quite some time to get back to me – not ideal if you’ve got an urgent issue that needs resolving!

That said, there is one thing going in Say hi’s favour: they do have an FAQ page on their website which could come in handy if your query isn’t too complex or pressing. It covers all sorts of topics like account management and payments so hopefully this will help resolve any issues without having to wait around for days on end!

On top of that though – as with most online services these days – there are plenty other ways you can contact them such as emailing directly via [email protected], calling up over the phone (although I haven’t tested this myself) or even writing through social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook (I did try contacting via twitter but didn’t receive much response).

All things considered then; while Say Hi might not be winning any awards when it comes down to customer service just yet…it does offer enough options for users who need assistance quickly/efficiently enough provided its nothing overly complicated. So don’t expect miracles but at least give ‘em credit where due eh?

Design & Usability

Say hi is an okay dating app, but it’s definitely not the best one out there. It has a bright and cheerful design with lots of colors that make you feel like you’re in for a fun time – which I guess makes sense since this is supposed to be about finding someone special! The usability of Say hi isn’t too bad either; it’s easy enough to navigate around without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

The UI could use some improvements though, especially if you purchase a paid subscription – then again, most apps do tend to offer more features when they charge money for them. But overall the layout looks quite nice and simple so even those who are new to online dating won’t have any trouble figuring things out quickly here. Plus all the important buttons are clearly labeled which helps keep everything organized as well!

That being said however, I wouldn’t necessarily call Say Hi "user-friendly" because sometimes certain functions can take longer than expected or don’t work properly at all – nothing majorly frustrating mind you (at least from my experience) but still worth mentioning nonetheless. And while their search filters aren’t terrible by any means either – let’s just say they leave something wanting compared other similar services on the market today…but hey maybe that’ll change over time? Who knows?!

All in all though if your goal is simply find someone compatible with minimal effort then yes sure go ahead give Say Hi try; afterall why not right? Just remember no matter what platform choose always practice safe cyberdating habits such as never giving away personal information until know person better etcetera etcetera…you get idea 🙂

User Profiles

Say hi is an okay dating app that can help you find a potential match. The profiles on the site are public, meaning anyone who has access to the internet can view them. You also have the option of setting up a custom bio and adding photos to your profile so others know more about you before they decide whether or not they want to connect with you.

The location info in each user’s profile is quite detailed – it includes city, state/province and country information which makes it easier for people living close by each other (or even far away)to get connected if both parties agree upon doing so! However, there isn’t any indication of how far apart two users might be from one another; this could be something Say Hi should consider improving in their future updates as I’m sure many would appreciate knowing just how near or far someone else may live from them prior to deciding whether or not they’d like contact that person further down the line.

Premium subscriptions do come with some benefits such as being able to see who liked your photo without having been matched first – but overall these perks don’t really make much difference when compared against what free members already receive – i guess its just nice little extra feature here & there?

During my time using Say Hi I didn’t encounter any fake profiles thankfully however since all accounts are open for everyone’s viewing pleasure then its hard telling at times exactly whose real & whose faking it…so proceed with caution! All-in-all though I think SayHi does enough justice when providing singles out there an opportunity meet new folks online safely & securely plus considering its completely free why not give ‘er shot right?


Say hi is an okay dating app when it comes to pricing. It’s not the best one out there, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. The basic version of Say hi is free and gives you access to some features like messaging other users and creating a profile. However, if you want more advanced features such as unlimited messages or seeing who has viewed your profile then you’ll need to get a paid subscription plan which starts at $19/month for 1 month up to $9/month for 12 months depending on how long-term of a commitment you’re willing make.

The prices are competitive with similar apps in its category so that’s definitely something worth considering before making any decisions about getting the premium membership option or not! And even though paying does give additional benefits – like being able to send unlimited messages – ultimately whether this will be worth it depends on what kind of user experience each individual person wants from their online dating journey!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create profile, Search for matches, Send messages, See who’s liked you, View unlimited profiles, Access to exclusive filters, Receive recommended matches
Plus $9.99/month All free features plus: See who’s viewed your profile, Get read receipts on messages, See who’s interested in you, Get advanced match recommendations

Similar Apps

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Best for

  • Best for singles looking to meet someone new.
  • Best for people who want to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for those interested in exploring different dating options.


1. How does Say hi work?

Say hi is a decent dating app that can help you find someone special. It works by allowing users to create profiles and browse through other people’s profiles, sending messages when there’s a mutual match. However, it doesn’t have as many features or options as some of the more popular apps out there so if you’re looking for something more comprehensive then I’d suggest trying another one instead.

2. How to sign up for Say hi?

Say hi is a decent dating app, but there are better options out there. To sign up for Say hi, you’ll need to download the app and create an account with your email address or Facebook profile. Once that’s done, you can start swiping right away!

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Say hi?

Say hi is a decent dating app, but it may take some time for your profile to be approved. Generally speaking, the approval process can take up to 24 hours or more depending on how many other profiles are in line before yours. It’s not the fastest service out there when it comes to approving new users, so if you’re looking for something quicker then you might want to try another option.

4. How can I contact Say hi?

Say hi is a dating app that allows you to connect with other singles. It’s an okay choice, but there are better options out there if you’re looking for something more serious. To contact Say hi, simply download the app and create your profile – it only takes a few minutes!

Kim Seltzer

Kim Seltzer is an online dating expert and passionate writer who has been helping singles find love since 2005. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Psychology, which sparked her interest in relationships and how they work. After working as a matchmaker for several years, Kim decided to focus on teaching people about the world of online dating by writing reviews on various sites and apps. In addition to being an author, Kim also runs her own business providing personal coaching services that help individuals create meaningful connections through better understanding themselves first before entering into any relationship. Her mission is simple: To empower those looking for love by giving them the tools needed to navigate today’s ever-changing digital landscape when it comes to finding romance or companionship online safely and effectively while avoiding potential pitfalls along the way! Kim has written countless articles over the years that have appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan Magazine & The Huffington Post where she shares advice related topics ranging from creating irresistible profiles & crafting attention grabbing messages all aimed at increasing success rates among users of popular dating websites/apps like Match , Tinder , OkCupid etc.. Additionally she's hosted numerous radio shows throughout North America discussing similar topics - further solidifying herself as one go-to source when it comes anything related Internet Dating !

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