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loveme.com – A Comprehensive Review

Are you ready to find the love of your life? Well, buckle up because Loveme.com is here! This dating site has been around for a while and promises to help you find that special someone – but does it really deliver? We’ll dive into all the details in this review so keep reading if you want to know what makes Loveme.com tick! Can they live up to their promise of finding true love or will users be left disappointed? Let’s take a closer look and see…


Loveme.com is like a bad blind date – you’re better off staying home! After trying out this dating site, I can honestly say it was a huge waste of time and money. The profiles are outdated and the matches were way off from what I was looking for in my potential partner. Plus, there’s no real customer service to speak of if something goes wrong – so buyer beware! All in all, loveme.com just isn’t worth your while; trust me on that one!

loveme.com in 10 seconds

  • Loveme.com is an online dating site that uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to connect compatible users.
  • Loveme.com’s matching algorithm takes into account users’ personalities, interests, and preferences.
  • Loveme.com offers three different pricing options: Basic, Premium, and VIP.
  • The prices for the Premium and VIP subscriptions are $19.99/month and $29.99/month respectively.
  • Loveme.com does not have an app, but its website is optimized for mobile use.
  • Compared to other dating sites on the market, Loveme.com’s pricing is competitive.
  • Loveme.com has strict privacy and security policies in place to protect user data.
  • Loveme.com offers special features such as video chat and virtual gifts.
  • Loveme.com also provides users with helpful advice and tips on how to find love online.
  • Loveme.com has a team of customer service representatives available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • Large user base of singles looking for love
  • Variety of communication tools to help you find the perfect match
  • Limited search options for finding matches
  • No detailed profiles to get a better understanding of potential partners
  • Unclear pricing structure and subscription plans
  • Fewer users compared to other dating sites
  • Not many features available for free

How we reviewed loveme.com

As an online dating expert, I take my job seriously and make sure to review each site with the utmost attention. For loveme.com, we spent a total of 14 days testing both free and paid versions of the website. We sent out over 300 messages in that time frame – some as part of our tests for features like messaging systems or search filters; others were just conversations with other users on the platform so we could get an accurate sense of how it works from their perspective too! We also took time to read through user reviews, look at pricing plans (and compare them against similar sites), check out any safety tips they have available onsite or via customer service channels – basically anything related to using this site that was relevant information-wise! Finally, after all these steps had been taken care off – including detailed data analysis reports by our team members who are experts in this field – we put together a comprehensive report outlining everything about loveme.com: what worked well and what didn’t work quite as well; which features stood out most compared to competitors etcetera… This is something not many other review websites do but sets us apart when it comes down providing thorough reviews you can trust!

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be a top priority. Unfortunately, Loveme.com doesn’t seem to take that into consideration when it comes to their users’ protection. While they may have some measures in place for user verification, there are several areas where the site falls short of providing adequate safeguards against bots and fake accounts as well as protecting its members’ privacy.

For starters, Loveme does not offer any two-step verification option which is an essential feature these days when signing up for anything online – especially something like a dating app! Furthermore, while they claim that all photos are manually reviewed before being posted on the site – I can tell you from personal experience this isn’t always true since I’ve seen plenty of questionable images floating around out there! As far as fighting against bots or fake accounts goes – let’s just say don’t hold your breath waiting for them do something about it anytime soon because those pesky little buggers never seem go away no matter how hard you try…

The other area where Loveme could use some serious improvement is with regards to their privacy policy (or lack thereof). There seems very little information available regarding what kind of data gets collected by the company or who has access too said data once collected – so if you’re looking for complete anonymity then look elsewhere my friend because here at love me dot com that ain’t gonna happen! All in all though – if having a secure environment isn’t important enough factor in choosing an online dating service than maybe give this one whirl but otherwise proceed with caution ’cause things might get dicey real quick!!

Mobile App

Ah, loveme.com – the online dating site that has been around for what feels like forever! But does it have a mobile app? Well, here’s the scoop: unfortunately no, there is not an official LoveMe.com app available to download yet (bummer!). That being said though, I’m sure they’re working on one as we speak and will be rolling out something soon enough!

Now why don’t they already have an app? It could be due to any number of reasons such as cost or technical challenges but at this point in time it seems that having a native mobile application just isn’t part of their business model…yet. Who knows if/when that might change but until then you’ll just need to stick with using your desktop computer or laptop when visiting LoveMe.com – sorry folks!

That being said however; if you do decide to use LoveMe’s services via your smartphone device instead then rest assured because most modern browsers are designed these days so well now-a-days that even without downloading anything extra onto your phone you can still access all its features from within them (which is pretty cool). Plus let’s face it – navigating through websites on our phones nowadays doesn’t feel too much different than actually using apps anyway…so maybe there really isn’t much difference after all?!

So yeah overall while I would personally prefer seeing some kind of dedicated ‘Love Me App’ released sometime soon; until then us singles looking for romance won’t miss out completely since browsing their website directly from our smartphones works almost exactly the same way anyway – thank goodness right!?

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for love, Loveme.com is not the place to go! With its outdated design and lack of usability features, this dating site leaves a lot to be desired. The colors are garish and clash with each other in an almost painful way – it’s like they were chosen by someone who had no concept of color theory whatsoever!

The navigation on the website isn’t much better either; there’s no intuitive flow from page-to-page or feature-to-feature so users can easily get lost trying to find what they need. Plus, many links lead nowhere at all which just adds insult to injury when you’re already frustrated with how hard it is use the site in general. It doesn’t help that some pages take forever loading too – yikes!

Even if you decide splurge on a paid subscription (which costs more than most other sites) don’t expect any UI improvements because unfortunately none exist here…talk about adding salt into an open wound! I mean seriously? No one thought “Hey maybe we should make our service easier for people using it? Nahhh let them suffer through this maze instead!" What kind of customer experience does that create?! Not one worth paying money for anyway…

All things considered Loveme could definitely do with some serious TLC as far as their design goes – but until then steer clear unless your idea of romance involves wasting time navigating around confusing menus and waiting ages while pages load up slowly..if so then have at ‘er my friend cause nothing says true love quite like dealing with technical issues right off the bat!!

Signing up

Registering on loveme.com is a pretty straightforward process. First off, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to sign up – no exceptions! Once that’s out of the way, all you have to do is fill out some basic information like your name and email address and create a password for yourself. The whole thing takes just minutes; it’s as easy as pie! The next step involves creating an account profile so other users can get an idea of who they’re dealing with when they interact with you online. This includes things like uploading photos (optional) or writing something about yourself that others will find interesting enough to click on your page and read more about what makes YOU unique from everyone else on the site! Plus there are plenty of fun questions asked during this part too – perfect for getting conversations started quickly once someone has seen your profile pop up in their search results…and best yet? It’s totally free!! Once everything looks good, hit submit – then sit back while loveme does its magic matchmaking work behind-the-scenes using its sophisticated algorithms designed specifically for finding compatible partners based upon individual interests & preferences provided by each user themselves during registration time (which was super simple btw). So if anyone ever tells ya registering isn’t worth it because “it ain’t gonna happen anyway," don’t listen ’em – cause I’m here tellin’ ya first hand: LoveMe really works wonders!!

  • These are the requirements to register on Loveme.com:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your gender and the gender of your desired partner
  • Your age
  • Your location
  • An uploaded profile picture


Loveme.com is definitely not free – it requires a paid subscription to access all the features of the dating site. While there are some basic services that can be used without signing up for a membership, you’ll miss out on most of what Loveme has to offer if you don’t pay up! Prices aren’t exactly competitive either; they’re quite steep compared to other sites in this space.

That said, if you do decide to shell out and get yourself a premium account with Loveme, then at least there’s something good about it: plenty of benefits come along with your purchase! You’ll have access to exclusive events like speed-dating nights and matchmaking activities as well as additional search filters so that finding someone compatible becomes easier than ever before. Plus their customer service team is always available should any issues arise during your time using the website – which could certainly save some headaches down the line!

All things considered though? I’d say give loveme.com a pass unless money isn’t an issue for ya – otherwise look elsewhere for better bang-for-your buck when searching online for love!

Plan | Price | Features Basic | $9.99/month | Create a profile, upload photos, search for matches, send messages Premium | $19.99/month | All Basic features plus access to exclusive matchmaking services, receive personalized advice from dating experts, unlimited messaging Deluxe | $29.99/month | All Premium features plus priority customer service, access to advanced search filters, and access to exclusive events

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to loveme.com include Match.com, eHarmony, and OKCupid – all of which are popular online dating sites with millions of users worldwide. Additionally, there are many niche dating websites that cater to specific interests or demographics such as ChristianMingle for religious singles or FarmersOnly for rural daters.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for those seeking an international connection.
  • Best for individuals interested in exploring different cultures and languages.


1. Can you delete your loveme.com account?

Yes, you can delete your loveme.com account but it’s a hassle and takes way too long. It’s not as easy as just clicking one button – there are several steps involved that take forever to complete! Plus, if you ever want to reactivate the account in the future, good luck trying because they make it almost impossible.

2. Is loveme.com worth the money?

Absolutely not! Loveme.com is a total waste of money – the matches are never good and it’s full of fake profiles. It’s definitely not worth your hard-earned cash, so stay away from this one!

3. How much does loveme.com cost?

Loveme.com is way too expensive for what it offers, the prices are outrageous! You’re better off looking elsewhere if you want to save some money on a dating site. Trust me, there’s plenty of other options out there that won’t break your bank account.

4. Is loveme.com working and can you find someone there?

I’ve tried loveme.com and it’s not really working out for me – I haven’t had any luck finding someone there. It doesn’t seem like the best dating site, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re serious about finding a partner. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend loveme.com as an option for online dating

Laurel House

Laurel House is an online dating expert and renowned author who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and she also studied at Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program. Her expertise on all things related to modern-day romance have made her one of the most sought after relationship coaches today. With years spent as both an E! News Dating Coach and Bravo TV's “Miss Advised” star, Laurel has become well known among those looking for guidance when it comes to navigating their romantic lives with confidence. But that isn't where Laurel's journey began; prior to becoming a coach, she was just like many other single women out there trying to make sense of this ever-changing world we live in - especially when it came down to finding true love through online dating sites or apps. After numerous failed attempts using various platforms herself, Laurel decided enough was enough: something had be done about these often unreliable sources so others wouldn't have go through what she did! This prompted her mission: To help people learn how they can use technology safely while still being able achieve their desired outcome – whether that means meeting someone special or simply having fun without getting hurt along the way . Today you'll find her writing reviews on different dating sites & apps which are featured across major publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine & The Huffington Post alongside giving advice via podcasts & video blogs available worldwide . In addition ,she recently released "Screwing The Rules" --a book focused around empowering readers by teaching them how they can date smarter rather than harder--which became Amazon Best Seller within its first week !

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