Affiliate Disclosure is a website dedicated to providing honest and reliable reviews of dating sites and apps, helping people make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right platform for their needs. We are committed to transparency in all aspects of our work, including affiliate relationships that may be established with some companies we review on this site.

This disclosure page explains how Matchreviewer operates its affiliate program as well as what you should know about any potential conflicts of interest related to our content or recommendations on this website. Please read through these terms carefully before using matchreviewer’s services or relying upon any information provided by us regarding online dating platforms and other products/services mentioned hereon out referred herein collectively “Services”).

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At times, we may receive commissions from certain websites if readers click through links posted on our site then go ahead purchase something featured therein (e.g., subscription plans). The amount earned varies depending upon factors like volume sales generated via referrals etc.. In order for us maintain objectivity while reviewing different services available online –we do not enter into exclusive agreements/arrangements whereby one company pays more than another just so their product gets preferential treatment over competitors’. All ratings given by reviewers working alongside staff members employed directly at MR headquarters located [insert address] must always remain impartial based solely off merit rather than financial considerations whatsoever kind nature those might take shape under! This policy applies even instances wherein commission rates offered differ significantly amongst various entities operating same type service being evaluated accordingly i..e if two rivaling firms offer 50% versus 10%, respectively–both still get rated objectively despite disparity payments received eventuating outcome comparison exercise conducted independently prior publication results respective pages associated each particular entity reviewed thusly! Moreover–in cases rare occasions does occur wherein discrepancy payment amounts existent enough affect integrity findings—then measures taken include consulting external experts field who can provide unbiased opinion whether situation warrants adjustment rating scale used originally ascertain final verdict presented public domain following due diligence procedure carried out successfully completion stage…etc
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